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Beautiful Things
I'm not in love with the modern world
Yesterday I went to my best friends 21st birthday, in a very posh resteraunt in West London, Chiswick, over looking the Thames. She had beautiful flowers on her table [lillies and tulips], curled metallic ribbons, photo cubes of childhood photos... and the food was so posh. I had grilled squid with rocket, some special sauce stuff and fennel. and my main course was pheasent with celeric mash, cabbage and bacon. and the most amazing gravy. the cake was super posh. choco mouse, with marble choco on the side, honey comb blahblahblah. too good.

then i had to my dads house to visit my brother, as he had his 5th birthday party in the day.
I missed the cake that my lovely step mum made. but it looked like this:

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I had a two tier cake once that my mum made me, which was a carosel! it was amazing. i wil try and find photos of that too.

Also my boyfriend had his birthday a few weeks ago, when we were in Ireland. In two years he turns 30, and by then I should be a teacher, so I might actually have some money. This means I can buy him an old organ and decorate our place lots and lots.

this post is going to be nice party decorations...
[p.s. ignore the fact that i have used stuff from all different themes!]

websites used:

My mum might buy me an ice cream ball for christmas. its a ball that you chuck about between friends...and i think you put a mix in with ice...and as you throw it.. it turns into ice cream. we also own lots of amazing ice cream bowls. big plastic colouful ones from HYPER-U [french supermarket]

Ice cream never tasted so good! Take your summer outings to a new level with this fantastic ice cream ball. It's lightweight and durable so toss around to your hearts delight! Just add rock salt and yummy ingredients (espresso anyone?) and in 20 minutes scoop out a pint of heaven....Recipes and instructions included

I would totally have these as party bags!!

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I could go on forever. but I wont...
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All the following items are from re-foundobjects... I love all these things...but in truth the website does have a lot of twee crap on it. you just have to search through to find the good stuff!

I love halloween and valentines. I would easily have all three of those up all year round.

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some photos of my mums house in france.
she lives in the vendee in a 500 year old house.
we need to get the floors stained and the ceilings painted and stuff...
theres a 500 year old well in our living room, so we are getting a hole cut in the flooor and a bit of glass put over the top.. then lights at the bottom.
sorry that mostly these photos are of 'stuff'.
will have proper photos when its finished.
my bedroom has a scret mezzanine level...with a rope ladder and a huge bed an an art deco dressing table.... mmmm. will post photos next time i go over.


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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i just had a lovely crossaint and tea in themarket for breakfast and i am sadly flying back to london in a few hours.
we spent yesterday on a lovely sandy beach. and i came home and planted kiwi vines and made an arch trellace. again. photos to come...
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I've moved into my lovely new room in Brighton, but I am currently in London/Surrey, going to theme parks, hanging out with my family, meeting up with old friends, visitng the photographers gallery, having picnics, etc.
Will be back on saturday, and as i now have internet my posts will be regular from now on.

we went on a bus ride to seaford recently to go to charity shops, junk shops, antique shops and to eat cheese sandwhiches on the beach with hot tea in polesterin cups.
we went past salt dean lido on the way, which is bloody lovely!

My boyfriend and I plan on going on a cycling/swimming holiday in the next few weeks.
this would be a month or so of cycling round europe [or ireland] and going swimming in lakes, rivers and the sea...maybe a few lidos, pools and water parks thrown in! camping under the stars, crashing at cheap cheap b+bs. It'll be fantastic

also i went fishing in the sea recently on a little boat. caught lots of mackarel, which i had to gut myself. i gave them frozen to my dad for his birthday along with a book on growing unusualy vegetables and fruits.

I am off to france again on tuesday till saturday to go kayaking, hanging out with my mum, cooking, greyhound walking, kitten playing, strong beer drinking, emmaus shopping, gongola riding, french food inhaling and i shall also take lots of photos of our almost finished house!
if you would like to see some half done photos, they are on my mums flickr,
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So I bought my mum a book on art Deco buildings as one of her birthday presents.
It has the msot amazing ever image.
Lots of the architects of the famous New York Skyscrapers... dressed up as the buildings they created!

how funny

the best part is seeing William Van Alen dressed up as chrysler building.
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This is a little off the usual topic.. its not houses or furniture or anything

I love this video so much.
It makes me miss having short short hair
I cant wait to get back to france on the 11th so i can go for rides on my old thin framed dark red bike.
I especially can't wait for winter when i can wear a cardy and pretend in myhead that I am one of the beautiful girls in that video.
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Why Why Why Can't I win the lottery.. or get a highly paid job. or have someone invest in me [i would buy some properties in france and do them up and rent them out of holiday homes. and make good money honest]

i spend far too much time on foxtons.co.uk and rightmove.co.uk looking at houses that i will never be able to afford, but that i want!! this has been a bad habit of mine for a number of years.

Here are my actually requirments for my future house:

I would link a window behind my sink, so I can look out at the garden/street while washing.

I would like lots of space for big thick bookshelves. to stuff full of books and records.

I would like large windows or a lot of light

I would like a small window full of pot plant, or a roof terrace.

I would like it to be in London.

Thats probably it.
Obviously when I'm older my requirements will change.

what does everyone want from their future houses
[in real terms. not fantasy terms.. as obviously my whole journal is full of the fantasy stuff. i want to know the REAL stuff!]
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one more thing..

while walking our greyhound koyla through the forest, my mum came across some kittens that had been abandoned... they had obviously been there over night, and had tried to bury into the soil, to keep warm. she took them home, cleaned them, and cleared out their ears with cotton buds and she is currently feeding them up good and proper. hopefully we will be able to rehome them.. if not, then we will have far to many pets [we already have three cats and a dog]

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I have named this one Connor. My boyfriend has been on tour since the start of february and is on tour till at least november 3rd.. so he's missing out on summer fun in france..and hes ginger.. so yes.. connor named after tomas o'connor

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this one is called yvan. nice french name

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I was raised by my mum. who has now moved to France.
Here are som [google image] photos of the town where she lives.
I was there last weekend, and took some mega photos on her camera, but we need to get a memory card reader. Should be able to post them the next time i go over [11th july-21st july]

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lots of photos of pretty, but desolated houses.
I want to buy one for 50p and then do it up!

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So...when I grew up in Brentford, South West London. The local park is called Boston Manor, and has a motorway running through, (right through the 'nature walk' infact). Anyway, near the canal there has always been a section where gypsies live (i hope thats the pc word to use). My good friend and neighbour and i were going through the park taking photographs...and we stumbeled upon the gypsies camp. caravans and tables and no people. it looked completly abandoned. anyway, we decided to go epxlore.. but the whole time we were crapping ourselves with fear. we climbed over and snuck about... thn noticed that on the picnic table there was a small glass, with a freshly cut daffodil inside. of course i freaked out, becuase this meant someone must be living here.. and i didnt feel in the mood to get glasses/shouted at/shanked. Toni and I freaked out and started to tiptoe out.. then suddenly this horrendous beast rearer its ugly head at us and we legged it. i actually thought it was ome sort of monster beast! t was just a goat with long fur, and big horns... but still very scary.
Anyway I lost that roll of film, GUTTED, the place was amazing. it also had life size toy skelington hung from a tree! gutted.
I think they are actually building a house there now.. despite it being in the middle of the park/nature walk!
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